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So the entire camp is all packed and everything and I was given permission to charge my computer and other stuff. Everything is all packed and it is ready to go on the bus. The bus on the other hand will be here in about 1.5 hours, so I have a bit of time to charge my stuff. I should be able to charge my laptop just about all the way up. I currently have 50% and it says I have an hour till fully charged. I have some time to kill so talk to me on Twitter @Revinriley. See you all at home! 

Rise and Shine!

So I just woke up from a 7 man tent to speed up the cleanup process. I slept great even being squished with 6 others. We took just about everything out of the tent and all slept on the ground. It was fun. Will see you all at home! Later all!


Day 9 - White Water Rafting and Cleanup

So today I got up real quick and changed into my bathing suit. I got out of my tent, grabbed some food for my lunch, grabbed a fruit snack and cherry pie for breakfast, and off I was to white water rafting. I got to the place, waited in line, and then I was off. Before I knew it I was in the water going down the River George and rafting away! It was a lot of fun with the rapids and the teamwork we used to get through them. I enjoyed it greatly! It did help that I had done it before and had prior experience. I then finished up after an hour and a half, and then we were on dry land. I was exhausted. We had jumped into the water and swam around in the rapids. We were then back on the bus back to camp. I tried to rest a bit, but it wasn’t long enough to get a full rest. So I got back to my camp, I had my lunch, and then went out and finished my programming merit badge. It was fun. Then I went back to camp and chilled for a bit. Soon it was time for dinner, then we cleaned up for a few hours. I did all I needed to do, then I was forced into a shower. Yea, forced. So then I chilled for a bit, and then I’m blogging now. Having a campout in one kids tent because we took our cots down and theres more room in our tent. So i’m bout to go to bed after I charge. Going home tomorrow to see my family and girlfriend Kayleen. Can’t wait to see them all! Night everybody! Tomorrow’s post will be typed probably on the bus and at home. It has been an amazing Jamboree experience. I recommend it for all Scouts. Goodnight all! 


So me and 5 others decided to al sleep in a single tent. There were 2 people per cot, with each person sleeping reverse of each other. It was fun. We played with one kid where we put a goldfish in his mouth and kept putting them in. It was a lot of fun. Bout to go white water rafting! Later all!


Day 8 - Lines are Long

So today we got up and had bagels and cereal. I had just a bagel, because thats all I generally have in the morning. So I had the bagel and then walked to the A area to get in line for our rescheduled canopy tour…we decided to get out and go to the action point area where we could get to skip the line. Yea, great idea…. not. so we get there, talk to the guy who signed our passes, and he said he couldn’t let us skip the line because it was all backed up (like the other day). So we didn’t get to do our canopy tour (really annoying) but we were chill and went to stand in line for a zip line. So we stood in line from about 9:40 till about 4 when we got our stuff to go on the zip line. During that time, we sang songs, made friends, and just ate and chilled. So we got our stuff to walk up to the zip line, and then I got up there. So then as I walk up, there is a lightning sighting. Turns out they had to shut down everything. I walk back down and meet up with my buddies, then we run back down the path as the rain starts to come down. We ran back to get our stuff, and then we waited under a tarp for the rain to stop. So it stopped, we are just about completely wet, and we walk back to our camp. It was fun, even though we were wet. I had all microfibers on so I slowly dried a bit. it was chill. So we then got into one tent and chilled for maybe an hour till dinner. We at dinner then hung out in the tent for a tad bit. Then we decided at 8:30 we were going to charge. Been charging since. It was a fun day, even though we didn’t get a lot. I’ll be going white water rafting tomorrow, so that will be fun. Night all! 


Firework Shows

We just had a fireworks show, and with my Canon T3i, I was able to capture several great photos! I really do enjoy getting practice in of fireworks. This is only my 3rd time taking pictures of fireworks, but I am getting better and better. Plan on seeing them when I get back! Can’t wait to post them!


Laurel Leader Post

If you are being directed to my blog from the Laurel Leader post, thanks for reading! I have enjoyed Jamboree greatly, and I think it is an experience that all scouts should experience at least once! Keep checking back for more daily post. I haven’t posted many photos because they are a pain to upload and everything with the available WiFi. I will upload them when I get home though. I have a lot of photos, lets say 600+. Keep checking back though! 

If you haven’t seen the Laurel Leader post, check it out here:

Day 7 - Chill

So I got up this morning, then I ate a breakfast of some delicious pancakes, sausage, and eggs. I woke up later because it was a rest up day for the troops. I slept in till 7:30 and ate about 7:40. I then went and laid back down for a bit. Turns out I slept from about 9 till 12 noon. I was really tired. I then worked on a merit badge for about 30 minutes and then went to charge my stuff. I charged for maybe an hour, then rain came in. It was all good, then I felt a few rain drops. At that moment I packed up all my stuff and ran back to camp. I just made it too. I then waited and chilled under the main tarps. I waited for a few hours then put all my stuff in my tent. At that time we ate dinner of some rice and chicken and mixed vegetables. I had a few packages of granola and sun butter (sunflower seed butter), so I wasn’t that hungry. I got a bit or rice and chicken then. After that, I came into my tent and I have been working on merit badge stuff for programming. It has been fun stuff. My battery is about to die, so i’m typing as fast as possible. First world problems much? Lol. Anyways, it has been an extremely chill day for me. I’m going to get off soon, but It has been a fun chill day. Later all!

-Riley Horn


So I was tired this morning at about 8 after I had breakfast, and I could tell my breakfast of sausage, pancakes, and some cheese needed to digest. I decided to lay down and take a quick nap. Turns out I slept for 2 hours! I was tired. The past 5 days I’ve been going and going. The sleep finally caught up with me. Now that I’m up, I’m going to do something.

Later All,

Morning All

Good morning All, I just got up after I got to sleep in! Breakfast is supposedly cooking and I’m slowly getting out of the tent. I’m feeling good too. Not entirely sure what I’m doing today, but I’ll figure something out. Later Everybody.


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